The courts are finally reopening for trials, and defendants facing trial are finally willing to settle cases after two years of COVID delays. At SYBM, we have won great results for our clients so far in 2022:

Saldivar v. City and County of San Francisco, $190,000 settlement for a person with disabilities who was violently assaulted by SFPD during a Police out of Pride demonstration.

De la Riva v. City of Oakland, $290,000 settlement for two Oakland residents whose boats, which were their homes, and all their belongings were destroyed by the City of Oakland and Sean Alexander Marine Services, Inc.

Mendiola v. University of California, Riverside, $950,000 settlement for assistant basketball coach fired for complaining about sexual harassment of female athletes.

Bell v. City and County of San Francisco, $504,000 jury verdict for a county jail prisoner who was brutalized by sheriff’s deputies.

Jacobs v. City and County of San Francisco, $725,000 jury verdict for firefighter denied promotions in retaliation for his complaints about racial discrimination.

Carroll v. State of California, $3.3 million settlement, following trial and reversal on appeal, for retaliation against staff attorney who exposed misconduct at the Commission on Teacher Credentialing.

John Doe v. Oakland Unified School District, mid six figure settlement for terminated whistleblower.

Anonymous v. Corporation, $800,000 settlement for employee who complained about corporate misconduct.

Crain v. City of Oakland, $268,000 settlement for employee fired in retaliation for her Equal Pay Act and gender discrimination complaints.

Riles v. City of Oakland, $360,000 settlement for a Black senior assaulted by Oakland police when he went to the Planning and Building Department to complain about continued harassment by Code Enforcement.

Xavier v. Contra Costa Community College District, reinstatement and back pay for unfairly terminated 17-year janitor, member of AFSCME District Council 57.